Guide to Opening a Bitcoin Era Account

Bitcoin Era is available in 150 countries; we found the list of countries on the site. Please view the registration process here; we have described our experience while opening a new account below.

STEP ONE: Registering a new account

We were able to open and register our new account in less than five minutes. This is an experience we like to highlight; everyone can open an account; the steps are quick and straightforward.

The information required to open a new account is minimal; we only entered an account name, phone number, and an email address.

We were prompted to create a password, and after the verification of our information, we received a notification that our new Bitcoin Era account has been activated.

STEP TWO: Making a Deposit

To use the live trade feature, we needed to make a deposit. We were happy to see multiple payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, wire transfer, WebMoney, Maestro, Neteller, and Skrill. To test the trading robots, my team decided to deposit $250 in our new Bitcoin Era account. This was a quick process; our account was funded in seconds and ready for live trading.

STEP THREE: Live Trading

Before activating the trading robots on our Bitcoin Era account, we set a stop-loss limit to protect our investment. The live trading session lasted for eight hours, and we made a profit of $190 after the trading robots performed transactions with the $250 we had initially deposited. The trading robots worked quickly and proficiently to detect the best money making opportunities which were vetted by brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Era.

We also observed that the trading strategies used by the robots were diverse, which could potentially increase the chances of making more money for the user. After making a profit, a commission is charged only of the profit, and the balance is sent to the users’ account. The initial deposit is untouched.

We are convinced that Bitcoin Era provides one of the best money-making opportunities for everyone who wants to become financially dependent and grow a passive income.

Bitcoin_Era_logoThe best choice Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
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Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era can be used by everyone: We observed that the auto trading platform has been designed for all users. Experienced and new investors can quickly create a Bitcoin Era account and start making money daily. All that is required is to make a deposit and activate live trading. The robots do all the work while investors earn passively.

Transparency: We were impressed with the transparency on the Bitcoin Era. It was easy to calculate the commission taken from profits earned on the system. Also we observed that it is free to open an account, and make withdrawals. The minimum deposit of $250 needed to start making money from live trading is also affordable.

Reliable customer service: The customer service on Bitcoin Era auto trading platform is excellent. We know how important customer service is on an auto trading platform. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, changes in prices can happen in split seconds, this means that issues users have with their accounts must be fixed quickly to ensure that they do not miss good opportunities to make money.

Fast Withdrawals: Withdrawal requests initiated by users are processed and completed in less than 24-hours. This is very impressive; users can have access to their profit without delays.

Can Investors become rich with Bitcoin Era?

Yes, it is possible to become very rich with Bitcoin Era, we have tested the features of this auto trading platform and can confirm that all the necessary features needed to make much money daily have been added to the system.

We have some tips to help new users start making money quickly

Practice with the Demo account: When you study how the demo account works, you will have a better understanding of auto trading in the crypto market and how to select the best currency pairs during live trade.

Research market trends: Sign up on digital forums where the cryptocurrency market is analysed and stay updated with current trends. With the information you can gather, it will be easier to know when you should invest more to make significant profits from trades.

Please start with the minimum deposit: It is always best to start your experience with a perfect auto trading platform such as Bitcoin Era with the minimum deposit of $250. After earning your first profit, you can gradually increase your investment over time, when you have a better understanding of how auto-trading cryptocurrency systems work.

Bitcoin Era review: The Verdict

We can confidently conclude that Bitcoin Era is a perfect auto trading platform that can help all users become rich by trading cryptocurrencies. It is easy to get started, the registration process only took a few minutes, and we were ready to make a deposit and start earning. We have tested all the features of Bitcoin Era, and there were no problems. The system works flawlessly.

We also found proof that the developers in charge of managing the system are committed to providing adequate online security on the platform to protect user information and funds. The payouts system is also transparent and accurate. Every investor in Bitcoin Era is guaranteed to receive their earnings and profit because the system has a high win rate.



  •  Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
  •  Profit Ratio 89%
  •  Easy & Fast Withdrawals
  •  Works on Phone and Computer




Can I withdraw Bitcoins from the system?

No, this is not possible, the system converts earned Bitcoins into your local currency with is sent to your bank account.

Can I choose a broker for my Bitcoin Era account?

No, this is also not possible, the system automatically links accounts to brokers. However, we have confirmed that all the brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Era are experienced and reliable. We know that they can be trusted to ensure maximum profits are earned from trades done by the trading robots.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

According to the reports for this year, Bitcoin ranks at the top of suggested investments for everyone. Many people have become millionaires overnight. And now, everyone can invest and become rich with Bitcoin Era without having any technical cryptocurrency trading skills.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a trading platform that uses robots to perform automated trades for its users. It is an app that can be used to earn thousands of dollars every day. The live trading feature can be activated by account owners after making a deposit of only $250. The trading robots analyse the cryptocurrency market to find profitable trades and perform transactions using the funds deposited in the account owners’ balance on Bitcoin Era.

We advise all new users to start small, with a minimum deposit of $250, they have a chance to study the system and grow their passive income to as much as $50,000 in a few months. Bitcoin Era users can earn as high as 15% of their deposits after each trading session.

We are happy to find out that auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Era work seamlessly and can be used by everyone, regardless of their knowledge or expertise as cryptocurrency traders. The robots do all the work; all you need to do is make a deposit and sit back to watch the system generate profits for you.

Bitcoin_Era_logoThe best choice Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

How does the trading robots on Bitcoin Era work?

The trading robots are programmed with highly sophisticated tech; we were impressed with the unique algorithm on the system. The software used by the developers of Bitcoin Era ensures the trading robots can analyse market trends and potentially profitable signals from the market. When an earning opportunity is detected, users who have activated the live trading feature can earn a huge profit; the trading robots use their deposited funds to perform transactions which are most profitable.

The system is backed by professional brokers who monitor the auto trading processes done by the robots to ensure the user will earn a profit at the end of the trading session.

Bitcoin Era is one of the fastest auto trading systems we have tested. However, we should note here that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so it is best to invest funds you can afford to lose.

The Algorithm on Bitcoin Era

We had some of the best tools to analyse the algorithm on Bitcoin Era; this was not new, almost every auto trading platform uses this special algorithm for trading.

From our assessment, the algorithm on this platform is similar to what we see on FOREX trading platforms. It is specially enhanced to analyse huge market data in seconds. The outcome of this analysis is processed by the trading robots to perform profitable trades for the account owners.

My experience as a cryptocurrency trader who used manual trading platforms before discovering that robots can perform trades makes me understand the need to select the best trading pairs for currencies accurately. Manual trading processes require extensive studies to know the best trading pairs; however, with Bitcoin Era; the robots select profitable trading pairs easily using the algorithm.

Bitcoin Era is an automated Bitcoin trading robot created by a group of traders that promises to bring forward a new Trading Era to Bitcoin by automatically buying and selling bitcoins for attempted profit to their users. The way that the Bitcoin Era app operates is by emitting signals that are faster than the market average by a split second (0,01). In this Bitcoin Era review, we test whether the software is legit.

We went out in search of answers and discovered that Bitcoin Era appears to be legit. Our investigation includes a live test and also a background investigation of the information provided by this bot. While this robot may not make you millions, it claims to provide you with strong returns if you follow a Fibonacci strategy and use the right time frames for executing a trade.

In this review, we will explain our test results on Bitcoin Era and offer tips to help you get the most out of it. Continue reading to learn more or go straight to Bitcoin Era via the link in the table below.

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  • 88% Claimed Win Rate*
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All trading carries risk.