Every day, we see how people are seeking different jobs on the internet these days to increase their profits. As many individuals have also lost their daily jobs, while others are unable to operate their businesses. In such situations, the commoners need a reliable source of income.

It is clear that the chances to earn physically in 2020 are not too good. But that’s not even a problem if you use your smartphone or tablet productively because you can still think of receiving passive revenue. There are a number of ways to do so and today we will discover one such way based on the crypto trading technology.

In 2018, Bitqt was created to help regular people to easily exchange the digital currency. Owing to its strong estimated rate of profit margins, this automaton is reportedly an internet sensation. For passive online investors, the Bitqt looks extremely popular because it needs much less manual effort than others in the market. Besides that, you will only need 250 USD to exchange the cryptocurrency through this app; it looks like a pretty good choice for traders with tight budgets.

The Bitqt Software is a platform that allegedly allows common folks with Bitcoin trading to experience enormous prosperity. It is a software application that says that a skilled trader’s tasks can be performed automatically and at a greater estimated winning percentage.

Only with Bitqt robots, from such a deposit of 250 USD, an investor can apparently receive a daily income of 1000 USD. But is the Bitqt trading app legitimate, and does it produce the profits as it has mentioned? With the aim of providing answers to all these questions, we have performed a comprehensive testing on Bitqt network and have composed a report for your ease.

What Is BitQT?

BitQT was created in 2017 by a team of bitcoin brokers. At the time, they claimed they could carry out bitcoin trades 0.01 seconds faster than their competitors. By performing faster trades, the team believed they could beat other auto-trading platforms to capitalize on market trends.

Today, investors still do not know who created BitQT. Currently, the rumor is that it was built by a team of well-connected brokers. Because they already had experience working with their own platforms, they were able to create an even better algorithm when they worked together on BitQT. As a result of their efforts, users can enjoy a simple, powerful platform for making automatic investments.

How Does It Work?

BitQT does not charge users to access the software. Instead of using a subscription model, the app focuses on having a large volume of trades. Because of this, the creators only receive 1 percent of successful trades. If the trades are not successful, you do not have to pay.

All you have to do is deposit your initial investment with the platform’s broker. Then, you can choose your recommended settings. It only takes about 20 minutes to get set up on the platform.

  • Make an account.
  • Send in your initial deposit to the broker of your choice.
  • Pick your settings.
  • Turn the auto-trade option on.
  • Sign in to the platform to monitor your account’s performance.

What we think about BitQT

Here are the main points we noted while testing the essential features of BitQT:

BitQT is fast and accurate

We attributed the high win rate for the majority of the completed transactions to the fast trading system. It is easy to see why so many investors have continued using their BitQT account. The deal selection system is so accurate, and this gives all users an edge in the market.

Excellent customer service

We tested the online customer service, and it is excellent. The customer service is online 24/7, and there are no lapses in the trading system. We were impressed with the courtesy and high-level priority given to our case when we sought help from the customer care team.

Visit BitQT Official Website

Online security

The chances of experiencing hacking or data breach on BitQT are very low. There is a secure online antivirus and malware network that keeps the user data and information about funding secret.


We tested BitQT on smartphones and laptops to know if the system is responsive. We can confirm that every user can trade with their smartphones or laptops. This is very convenient for people who would like to monitor their trading sessions while outdoors.

How to get the most out of BitQT App

The best time to run the trading app is when BTC volatility is high. BitQT recommends from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. This is the time when BTC derivative trading is high on Wall Street and hence high volatility.

Make sure that you switch off the robot at the end of each trading day to avoid rollover fees. The broker charges these fees on trading positions left open overnight or during the weekend. BitQT is reported to perform better when left to run unmonitored for 8 hours daily.

This means that there is no reason to disrupt your daily schedule when using this robot. You can go about your daily business as BitQT app reportedly makes money for you. If you have started with a small account, it is essential that you reinvest at least 70% of the supposed profits for growth.

Is BitQT App legit? Final words!

BitQT App trades BTC CFDs with an alleged win rate of up to 95%. This robot  claims that it can generate daily profits of up to 1000 USD from a small deposit of 250 USD. However, we cannot guarantee or prove that you will make any profits when trading with this bot, and loss of capital is a risk when trading.

When it comes to user reviews and testimonials, most investors seem happy with the software. We have conducted background checks on the reviews, and they seem genuine. At least 90% of BitQT reviews on TrustPilot allege that the bot produces consistent profitability.

You can start trading with BitQT premium now through the link below. Do not deposit more than you are willing to risk.

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The Best Choice

  • 88% Claimed win rate
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort


All trading carries risk


What is BitQT?

BitQT BQ is a tool that is said to help ordinary people make profits with bitcoin trading.

Is BitQT app legit?

BitQT app meets our criteria for a trustworthy robot. This software has excellent feedback from users and seems to operate in full transparency.

How much should I deposit with BitQT?

Fund your BitQT premium trading account with at least 250 USD to start trading. All deposits happen on the partner broker’s page since they are the one to place orders in the market.

Is BitQT app profitable?

BitQT claims to have a daily ROI of up to 300%. Most of those who have reviewed it on ForexPeaceArmy seem to support these claims. However, we cannot guarantee any profits.