What is Bitcoin Up?

Automation is taking over most industries and is doing so at an exponential rate in the financial sector. Today, wealth management and trading functions that were initially dedicated to quants are being taken over by auto-trading machines.

The assets managed by these machines in the US alone have already exceeded a trillion and are expected to hit $5 trillion by 2022. Popular asset management robo-advisors in the US include the likes of Betterment and Accenture.

When it comes to trading, the world-leading hedge funds are resulting in trading robots. Some of the worlds best trading bots are said to have the power to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profits within a short period. A good example is what was used by Navinder Sarao to cause the flash crash of 2010.

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that is dedicated to BTC trading only. The robot bets on BTC through a derivative known as a Contract for Difference (CFD). CFDs allow traders to capitalize on asset prices movements without having to buy the asset physically. Bitcoin Up offers popular BTC CFDs pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/ETH, BTC/GBP, BTC/BCH, and BTC/EUR among others. In total, users get exposure to over 45 pairs.

How does Bitcoin Up work?

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that connects to the markets through select brokers. The robot carries out trading research and relays the insights to the broker for execution.

Robot brokers offer unique order execution systems to ensure that all orders execute instantly. Failure to fulfil orders instantly can result in slippage and hence losses. Slippage happens when there is a change in bid/ask price.

Consequently, the order executes at a price that is different from the intended one. Slippage can be favourable or unfavourable, but its better to avoid it altogether.

Robot brokers mandates also include the provision of leverage and facilitation of transactions. Most trading robots arent regulated as financial institutions and hence must rely on a broker to receive deposits from the public. Regulators across the globe require all firms receiving deposits from the public to register as financial institutions and to adhere to a set of guidelines.

Bitcoin Up partner brokers are reputable and well-regulated. Users have a guarantee of safety of funds even in bankruptcy. Regarding trading conditions, Bitcoin Up brokers offer trading leverage of up to 4000:1.

Leverage refers to a form of loan provided by brokers to help traders take bigger trading positions. With 4000:1, you can place trades worth up to $4k for every $1 of committed capital.

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Bitcoin Up trading robot has gone viral in the UK and Australia, with most users alleging high profitability. The robot has been listed among top robots by high traffic review sites and has appeared on several mainstream media.

Some of the users that have claimed that it allegedly makes mind-blowing profits, some even say that a 250 USD investment into the robot can supposedly give a daily return of up to $1500.

There is a lot of scepticism on this robot supposed win-rate, which is why we have decided to review it. This review will provide answers to determine if Bitcoin Up is legit and whether you should try it. Do not signup with this robot before reading this review to the end.

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  • 88% Claimed win rate
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort


All trading carries risk

How does Bitcoin Up scam works?

As we said earlier, Bitcoin Up algorithms are rigged. The software is completely automatized, meaning that the future is already written. They will make you win the first few trades to win your confidence, then they will harass you to make you deposit more money, and then all your money will be lost within the next few trades.

Bitcoin Up promises you Big Profits. Do you really think that there is an automated software that will make such profits ? If that was the case we would all be millionaires. Please be aware that if It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Isn’t.

Our Conclusion

We cannot overemphasize the need to start trading cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin UP, it is for everyone, and the crypto trading robot works perfectly.

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